2018 Lexus LC500h Review, Road Test, Video Details

Friday, July 6th 2018. | Lexus

2018 Lexus LC500h Review, Road Test, Video Details – this is the Lexus LC 500 H an aggressively handsome slab of Japanese metal origami and Wow I can’t take my eyes off it from the athletic conches all the way to the powerful and elegant front ends what a stunner but I sort of feel like I’m being superficial and bouncing around my head are a couple of old cliches like beauty only being skin deep or it’s what’s inside the camps the H of course means this particular LC is a hybrid version so is there possibly something substantive inside all this brain sizzling gorgeousness okay so yes we are actually literally inside and it’s pretty stunning in here almost as good-looking as the outside though this two-tone blue and orange color combination looks as though it was designed by a Florida Gator alum it actually makes this particular example feel more overworked than it really is sometimes more is just more but there’s nothing but luxury as far as the arm can reach everything is soft and feels expensive the bucket seats are comfortable and feel really supportive now I’m 5 feet 5 inches tall and kind of have the arms of a t-rex but the 500 is really adjustable and I said pretty well visibility isn’t stellar but at least there’s a lot of really attractive blue suede on the c-pillar to look at when you turn around good thing there are a bevy of electronic unblinking eyes to warn you when a cars coming our tester features a Touring package that includes leather seats Alcantara trim and headliner the heated steering wheel and a Marc Levenson stereo with 13 speakers surround them so finding the equalizer on the not so intuitive infotainment system has been something of a challenge so if you know where it is give me a shout the touchpad that operates said infotainment system isn’t my favorite part of the interior I thought maybe spending more time in the car would help but it’s not precise and isn’t something you want to mess around with while you’re driving as far as the passenger cabin you’re kind of tucked into like a cocoon it’s almost like one of those private first class seats that make you feel like you have your own room I have intrigued by what these handles are for I think it’s for one like a drive2018 Lexus LC500h First Drive

Lexus LC500h Review

the back seats aren’t really back seats I mean I can sit behind me but anyone who has longer legs is gonna have a problem but hey they’re gorgeous more beauty points also you lose about a half an inch of legroom compared to the v8 because the battery is wedged between the trunk in the backseat so how about I get out of this non seat and I get to the Festina house

Lexus LC500h Powertrain

the powertrain in the LFC 500 H is let’s call it forward-thinking and a little unusual it’s called a multi-stage hybrid which is a 3.5 liter v6 with a couple of electric motors paired to two gearbox that’s right two separate transmissions working in tandem ones a continuously variable transmission and the others have four-speed automatic the setup is designed to make the CVT feel well not like a CVT meaning eliminating that rubber band II rpm droning and making it feel as though it actually has graduated gears I applaud Lexus for the innovative tech but unfortunately I think it’s a little underdeveloped some of the shifts are smooth some not so smooth so what you end up with is a ride that feels a little muddled and kind of inconsistent not ideal in a high-performance car you certainly don’t get those quick sharp silky shifts you get in the 10 speed transmission on the v8 using the paddle shifters is a little better but the throws are on the long side and the shifts are sometimes a bit delayed so not smooth but it’s got a top speed of 155 miles an hour so they’re still fun to be had

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interestingly despite the presence of an electronically controlled suspension I don’t notice much difference between chassis settings and comfort versus sport or Sport+ modes when rolling over bumps in Sport+ I’d expected to feel a lot firmer but honestly it doesn’t feel that much different from comfort the only real noticeable difference is the throttle bust wide open and that engine note becomes much more pronounced2018 Lexus LC500h Interior

2018 Lexus LC500h Specs Competitor

unfortunately unlike the delightful noise which emanates from the v8 the 508 engine produces more of a pie whining whirring sound it’s not stellar for a high-performance touring car that costs over a hundred grand oh just listen to that v8 sound people sonorous around corners is where the beast comes out of this beauty and the Elsi 500 H does its best work there’s minimal body roll and it really feels solid and hugs the road oh that’s nice with those electric motors sending instant torque to the rear wheels the 500 H really accelerates assertively coming out of curbs braking ability and the v8 is borderline stellar in the 500 H its regenerative so it’s still hybrid brakes you put your foot on the pedal there’s a little bit of a lag or a stutter once you put some muscle behind them though the 14-inch rears and almost 16 inch front calipers really get down to business while the v8 makes 471 horsepower and has a top speed of 168 miles an hour the hybrid only tops out at 354 horsepower even though the electric motor is unrated that’s a significant drop by comparison the BMW i8 makes 357 horsepower but that car is a thousand pounds lighter a touring car isn’t exactly supposed to be live with the Lexus LC 500 hybrid you guys it weighs in at about 4 400 pounds the v8 only about a hundred pounds lighter that’s about the same weight as our Honda Pilot camera car thanks still the LC 500 go zero to 60 and 4.4 seconds and the hybrid speedometer spins around that bar in 4.7 seconds imagine what it could do if I went on a diet fuel economy is one place you might gain an advantage with the hybrid LC combine numbers clock in at 30 miles per gallon for the 500 H compared to 19 for the v8 but if you’re spending six figures on what’s for all intents and purposes a two seater do you really care about saving money on gas as I said earlier the 500 H comes with a cornucopia of safety features including the Lexus safety system which includes pre collision warnings lane keep assist lane departure alerts and all speed dynamic radar cruise control the Lexus LC has a fair bit of trunk space certainly you can squeeze a couple of bags in here for a weekend trip pricing for the v8 powered LC 500 starts at almost ninety three thousand dollars including destination charges while the hybrid LC adds a $4 500 premium Catchings on the red sir quickly mount with option packages like the $900 head-up display and could get most buyers into six figures quickly there’s a lot for Lexus to crow about with the LC 500 and 500 H and it’s a good thing since the competition includes notable names like the Mercedes SL the Jaguar f-type and on the hybrid side the BMW i8 the Lexus LC isn’t just a luxurious grand tourer it’s a statement car for Lexus that wraps a lot of interesting tech into a ridiculously attractive package so it appears that there is some substance to the Elsie’s megatron style now if I personally was buying one.