2018 Toyota C-HR vs Chevy Trax – Which Tiny Crossover Is Quicker? ( Drag Race )

Monday, July 2nd 2018. | Car Videos

Jigme cars faster okay see that well we are over a mile above sea level one of the vehicles has a turbocharged engine and all-wheel drive but the other one has a little bit more displacement and is a little bit lower to the ground hmm

we have the Toyota CHR and the Chevy trucks how about we drag race them and find out that’s gonna be fun dude my car looks faster it is yours looks like a rally car I feel like a rally driver I’m really not very concerned about you pulling ahead of me though2018 Toyota C-HR vs Chevy Trax

now the Chevy Trax has a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine that puts out 138 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque it sucked up to a six-speed automatic transmission and this one has all-wheel drive well the CHR the Toyota is completely different animal because this does not have a turbo it’s a 2 litre straight for the rating is 144 horsepower and 139 pound-feet of torque and this has a CVT and it’s a front-wheel drive car yes yes a continuously variable transmission is the only transmission that’s available here but overseas you can get a manual transmission they also have an all-wheel-drive version and they even have a diesel version we’re gonna do this are we even as even as we need to be no don’t give them an advantage no wow there look at that I saw it okay yeah that means here or stayed all right here we go.

that was a massacre yeah I can give you three curling so I think I could take you you have a lot of torque but how about we swap cars.

did you torque it when he lost just a little bit not much I didn’t want it to cut power so like 2,000 rpm or something yeah let’s see if you can get any more feet out of this okay. now I’m in the tracks right now I’m in the CH supercharged always helps

I got a much better take off than he did he was asleep at the wheel and there he
goes okay I gave him a little bit of it start but then the tracks just accelerates the Toyota I got a little bit of a better take off yeah I only let it go up to a thousand rpm and let it go from there hey this is not built for any type of performance whatsoever yeah and actually that was a good race because I was kind of coming from behind and then it just kind of it shows the difference quite well okay well I think we have a conclusion okay

well the fastest looking vehicle amongst the two of them was the slowest you know the CHR is the fun around town runabout it just kind of zips around it zips around has a really good suspension setup unfortunately it just doesn’t have a lot of power how much does yours cost as it sits well as it sits as a special edition it’s around $28,000 ha but the CHR is just under 26,000 as it sits right here yeah and I have all-wheel drive and I have a lot of goodies inside of the special edition Black Series with black wheels and black lists and black that black but you also have red stripes on your rims that I do hey guys thanks so much for joining us for the fast lane car Nathan and Andre will say goodbye say goodbye
see ya