2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Price, Payload, Towing, and MPG Revealed

Monday, July 2nd 2018. | Chevrolet

Hii guys big news on a Friday afternoon which is a little odd because usually bad news on a Friday but Chevy just stuffed a whole bunch of important numbers on this basically all the specs for the 2019 Chevy Silverado we’re talking price we’re talking towing we’re talking horsepower and the question we’re asking ourselves is why on a Friday afternoon well let’s see you.2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Price Revealed

because we have payload numbers towing everything including price yeah so let’s go through the numbers we’ll let you guys know these numbers first and then let’s discuss why this is important and why maybe Chevy did it on a Friday afternoon now this is our speculation but let’s get to the numbers okay all right so this is the 2019 Chevy Silverado if you’ve been following us. you know that it was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show we were there yeah we were there we have video that you can click here to watch it but let’s start with the small engines and move our way up okay first we have the 4.3 liter v6 it comes with the six-speed butts out 285 horsepower 305 pound foot of torque and of course it’s going to payload of 2500 and it’ll tell a maximum of 8,000 pounds if configured properly how does a stack up to the competition Andre well.

first let me mention how does it stick stop against the old truck yes so exactly the same engine as before right so I think what they’re doing here is if it’s not broke don’t fix it right so six feet but it’s also a value player so this engine with this rating is their cheapest offering so they can do this but forth of course has a 3.3 liter v6 right gas engine which stacks up directly against this also with a six-speed and rabb has a 3.6 liter Pentastar engine so very competitive space but their payload numbers pretty good 2500 pounds but it’s not class-leading so here’s the thing right class seating is huge right truck world right that’s the words we always hear guys we’ll get to the prices don’t worry before the end of the video we’ll let you know how much these trucks cost yeah shall we move on to the next one 8,000 pounds also Goodman let’s move on to the next engine all right the next engine is of course the 5.3 liter v8 once again six-speed automatic transmission 355 horsepower 383 pound foot of torque payload of 2430 a little bit less yes a 6 but the touring is much higher mmm 11,000 pounds that’s a lot and they did release mpg numbers they didn’t do it for the for this one engine Oh for the v6 but for the 5.3 v8 we’re talking 15 21 17 what’s significant about these numbers Andre so first of all this is a significant part six-speed automatic transmission because you would expect the 10 speed in there right because forth is using a 10 speed across there v8 and turbocharged engines but they’re going with a six-speed I think once again for that value proposition and also reliability because it’s been there before exactly the same rating as before so if you’re wondering2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Review and Pricing

2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Specs

how they’re boosting their powers no they’re not boosting them once again so Chevrolet for 319 it’s an all new truck so they removed weight from the truck they got aluminum doors or a new hood aluminum tailgate once again like Bozo like for not full aluminum but a lot of aluminum so these numbers are coming up right these are pretty good payload numbers 11,000 pounds it’s a great towing number for a light duty truck but little fly in the ointment this is not that stellar of mpg number 15 CD 21 highway that’s not class-leading let me know Ram just came out with their new 1500 yes and one of the things that strikes us about the fact is that they of course improve the interior they improve the styling of it but they did not change the engines mm-hmm right it’s

like they had so much money and we’re kind of telling the same story here if they spent all the money on the look on the interior but not a lot of money on the engine choices now that’s not the case when you get up here because right now we’re had a completely new engine it’s the 2.7 liter inline-4 a force let me try turbo I know it’s crazy yeah yeah

with an 8-speed what’s up 310 horsepower 348 pound-feet of torque now this is the number we didn’t know and this is the number we still need to know but right two thousand two hundred and eighty pounds of payload 7200 towing but we don’t know the mpg this is going to be the big number right2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500 MPG Revealed

this is all about mpg yeah because they have a small displacement engine 8-speed automatic transmission so I was at the proving grounds when they unveiled this engine we have video of this right talking to the engineers and they actually said that computational hours development hours for this engine were equivalent to just astronomical numbers like 12 million conceived you cycles I mean they spent so much time on this engine that’s from Chevrolet that’s what they’re saying not a lot of time right right 7,000 pound for bagger dude so the numbers similar to a midsize truck right yeah a midsize trucks are rated close to it now this looks familiar it’s because Ford also does the 2.7 liter turbo but it was a beast effect it’s a v6 it’s down before this is of course the only four-cylinder that you can get in a half-ton truck yep

you know Chevy went there yes indeed they did let’s keep going ice is getting a little bit more exciting all right now we have the same engine but different transmission right so you can get the same engine instead of the six-speed you get the eight speed same numbers a little bit different yes

it was curious yes this one is twenty four thirty here we have 2190 payload is lay down but towing is up that’s really weird and we do the mpg number 17 23 19 so interesting so the interesting part about this engine is their dynamic fuel management technology remember they talked about activation it’s really clever system it’s kind of like a round-robin so you can dynamically shut off different cylinders yep effectively running in four six seven a lot of different modes including maybe one yeah

you can go on one cylinder I hope you like so when you let let you foot out of the accelerator it will dynamically choose what to do I am gonna make a prediction address what the prediction is hear me now I’ll believe you later that when we’re going up the I goblet we will never be doing it on one cylinder what about down yes maybe not sure laughing see if it even shows you right doesn’t it doesn’t it’s supposed to be seamless completely so the driver is not gonna know about this so you know there’s been this kind of different method of getting good fuel economy right forward is obvious ago when turbos right their whole shtick was 6-cylinder turbo is like a v8 much better economy yeah Ram has gone with the mild hybrid yeah II torque system that’s coming up yeah and these guys have got was loaded reactivation and also four cylinder head for slender and now aluminum right let’s keep going this is the big bad boy the 6.2 liter v8 ten speed co-developed with four yes 420 pounds for 220 horsepower 460 powerful torque has now changed 2,100 payload that no okay okay 12200 yeah number but Ford has 13,200 once again not class-leading yep 16 20 17 mpg once again very similar to the Internet’s out there right now yeah identical yeah very similar numbers although the payloads a little bit higher yeah2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Payload, Towing Revealed

but once again fuel economy rating and this is also e PA estimates yeah that’s we’re talking about here big one here yeah this is a fuel economy play yeah three litre straight-six diesel we don’t know a lot about this is really so we know it’s made it to tenth speed we don’t know when you power payload nothing nothing yet but let’s talk about price before we get to that let’s talk about the whole lineup so if one two three skip this one four five engines releases right yes is the same right

basically yeah Ford has very similar and I’ll you Toyota guys and of course Nissan guys are wondering why we never mentioned Toto’s Tundras or Titans and the fact is I mean you have five engine choices here and Nissan has how many well too technical on legs they write and talk trance – alright so you know it’s just a little minute you. it’s a whole different ballgame we’re not forgetting about the Japanese it’s just that they’re not in the ballpark when it comes to half-ton trucks yes it is the amount of choice here is just tremendous yes exactly the amount of configuration all right let’s talk price

2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Price Revealed

so regular cab starts at twenty nine seven five just under 30,000 yes exactly the same price as before yeah so they did all this work they developed a brand new truck get the price starting price the same yep and this is that this is not dependent on engine charge this is no this is just a base three 4.3 two-door long bed two-wheel drive that’s base base base all right let’s talk about the double cab starts at thirty-three thousand six nine five what’s the 44 number well that’s the fully optioned like a high country okay, so you can have this obviously in many different trims $11,000 worth or so but this is starting high country yeah still load it up with more right and then you move on to the crew cab the crew cab 36,000 going up to 54,000 with a high country now what we’re not talking about is destination destination it’s included oh that’s including yeah that’s what is include that’s great so it’s not bad no it’s one of my pet peeves when they don’t include the destination feed 1,500 bucks yeah.2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Towing, and MPG Revealed

I know yeah that’s all so we’ll talk about that some other point but why do you pay fifty hundred dollars to ship a truck like you know in Michigan the Michigan I don’t know but this is interesting right very cool that our favorite truck am i at least we have the Trail Boss two inch lift badass truck basically competes with the rebel yes it starts at 43,000 395 rebel starts at 47 for their crew cabs caps so I think what Chevy did here is they hit the value proposition you know they have the you know engine with a six-speed automatic transmission and they can bring their price down yeah so you know we asked the question at the beginning of this why the Chevy wait until a Friday afternoon you could have been just the technical snafu you know we don’t know yes but a lot of these numbers to our initial look are very similar to the outgoing numbers so once again I think we have a truck where you’ve got a lot of money spent on design a lot of money spent on you know the interior how much way somebody spent on new engine right this is this one is your development cook a new but for the most part there’s nothing like we round shattering where they come out of the box and say now our half-ton tows 14,000 yeah it wasn’t the case right. 2019 Chevy SIlverado 1500

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