2019 Ram 1500 vs Ram 1500 Classic Compared Review

Friday, July 6th 2018. | Ram

2019 Ram 1500 vs Ram 1500 Classic Compared Review – paty bucks behind me there are two different 2019 ram trucks one of which is the classic and the other ones brand new and we’re going to tell you the differences between the two for 2019 ram is offering not one but two 2019 1500 models the brand-new fifth-generation truck and the current fourth-generation truck but why are they doing this we sat down with Ram 1500 classic brand manager Connor Spence to find out so you got to answer your question hey why are we building two body models side-by-side one what’s the thinking behind that and so we thought hey there’s still a lot of demand for this you know what we’ll call the whole generation truck so why not take advantage of that of that opportunity on this will serve the entry entry level buyers needs as well as commercial like I said continue to produce it until now if this truck looks familiar to you it’s because it is the fourth generation Ram has been around since right about 2009 and honestly if you compare this truck to one built in oh nine doesn’t look all that different so what’s new for 2019 well right here it’s this classic on it that’s about it many people lament the departure of the crosshair grille this is the new grille this is the new front end it’s squinty-eyed it’s lower it looks more aerodynamic the entire truck is brand new it’s a new platform new sheetmetal / out are you still gonna be selling the tradesmen in this truck along with the new 2019 lower end models yes we are ok what we we offer the the tradesman new all new ram 1500 just for Stanley differentials so as I mentioned for a commercial buyer for example that was to buy a tradesman for their small business or business in general and you want to pay 800 to a thousand dollars more for a bass you can you can up up to that but the differentiation between this Jen versus the new Jen is that we don’t offer a red cap on building 1500 so if you want a red cap for your business or just for your own personal use you got to get a ram 1500 classic2019 Ram 1500 vs Ram 1500 Classic


under the hood of either of these 2019 Rams the classic or the fifth-generation you get the 5.7 liter which puts out 395 horsepower and 410 pounds of torque they even look the same and they both have 8-speed automatic transmissions however the fifth generations transmission has been updated

the redesigned RAM does offer more capability in terms of towing with a maximum of twelve thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds in the right configuration compare that to the 2018 Ram which would tow a maximum of ten thousand six hundred and twenty pounds we’re looking at an addition of almost twenty two hundred pounds coming soon for the fifth-generation Ram an e torque system which is a mild hybrid for both the Pentastar v-6 and this Hemi v-8

so stepping inside the new RAM it feels like we’ve really stepped in to the 21st century here like that but I’m kind of disappointed in a couple of things Nathan all right first off let’s talk about the powertrain right you still have the 5.7 and there’s a new torque system coming out which is like a 48 volt mild hybrid system for the 36 and the v8 but it’s just not that different all right no it still has the 8-speed automatic transmission right so we’re GM and Ford are both starting to move toward 10 speeds yep we drove the RAM rebel the new one right and it was more efficient than the old one and even though the 8-speed might not seem as modern as the 10 speeds I thought it was always in the right gear and I felt that it was probably one of the better transmissions out there personally speaking and then the v8 is a solid engine but it’s it’s just it’s not it’s not up to the standard now in my opinion so what are you what you wanted was when the new body style and everything else came on you want a new powertrain I did one of you power trains I wanted maybe something turbocharged right yes you know we live at elevation yeah and those Turner Trucks that Ford makes power wise and performance wise in elevation they’re very effective they are very effective

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you know personally I love the crosshair grille on this fourth-generation Ram I think the overall styling is even more aggressive than the fifth-generation Ram I prefer this design now I will say like the interior on this truck is feeling a little bit dated especially compared to the new truck right and that makes sense because it’s been around since what 2009 yeah it’s an older model now but I think in my personal opinion I really like the exterior styling probably you Nathan but I like to do one a little bit better but you but just a little bit I mean it’s yeah I like them both I I do think that rebels are really good-looking the trucks on the outside and I think they kept that going through the new generation I like the rear of the new generation – I like the way they styled it but but nonetheless you know there are a lot of guys who really fell in love with this generation pricing has yet to be announced on the 2019 Ram 1500 classic but FCA did tell us that the vehicle will continue to be produced at the warn truck assembly plants the new truck will be produced in Sterling Heights Michigan tell me what have you done supposed to be the responsible another group I’m used to this who shouldn’t be used to this what the heck yeah yeah it’s all right copper you have to work harder than that to get us I got a penny the RAM 1500 classic will be available in seven different models tradesmen Express Bighorn and Lone Star Laramie and SLT fleet vehicle and an SS V fleet vehicle it is worth noting that the Eco diesels also returning in the RAM 1500 classic albeit at late availability now for some of you the interior might look familiar and that’s because there are a few design cues from the old fourth-generation interior however this new one is much much better it’s not just the layout which I do approve of and the fact that you can get a massive screen in the middle kind of Tesla like or even this screen which is actually pretty impressive or the IP which is really nice too by the way gauge layout is excellent but what I really like is the feel of the components all the rubbers that are here inside the dials they’re just they feel substantial doesn’t feel really cheap and chintzy even these switches here which I love toggle switches they feel really good I do kind of wish they made some sort of other clicking noise but the point is is that you’re able to use these things and you feel like you’re using something that’s built of quality hey they’ve got a 2-liter turbo that they’re putting in the Wrangler and it is fairly powerful yeah I think you’re right Nathan I think it is a potential that we will see a turbocharged new torque system something like Iran why not why not yeah and there’s another thing to keep in mind as well they’re trying to stagger their output because they’re making as many of these as they can’t they’re really trying and because of that they just figured well let’s put out the classic which we’ve covered and so there’s popularity out there people who want yeah you know so they’re maybe that’ll feel it’s an urgent need to have to go out there and you know put the new powertrains in there that they’re working on stepping inside the 2019 RAM 1500 classic you can tell that this truck is eight nine years old the material quality is not nearly as nice as the new 2019 Ram some of the technology looks a little bit evaded although the ref did tell us that the 8.4 inch display is coming with late availability but you know you can tell that the plastics are looking a little bit a little bit dated and some of the design is rather basic but I kind of like that I like the simplicity of a truck especially in this 1500 classic obviously you don’t have that massive screen available like you do in the new 2019 Ram and I gotta tell you it’s still pretty comfortable I like the steering wheel I like the thickness overall design very functional to large gauges right where you’d expect them yeah I think that this truck will work for your everyday needs especially if you don’t demand the quality of the new Ram interior or at least some of the modern fit and finishes you’d find in that 2019 truck.

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