Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 the Ultimate Overlander Review

Friday, July 6th 2018. | Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 the Ultimate Overlander Review – Nathan if you want to go over landing you really need two things yeah you need range or good fuel economy and off-road ability and there’s really only one band from the factory that gives you all those and that’s the one behind us the Sprinter 4×4 in fact Nathan do you know there’s like a six-month wait for these yeah they’re really popular so coming up next we’re gonna take it off-road to a beautiful campsite like many people would yeah and and we’re gonna do an mpg loop with the specialist Andre Nathan you know what’s great about Colorado any road turns into a dirt road which turns into a double track which turns into a single track and now that we’re on a dirt road which you actually get pretty interesting as we go down this trail how do I engage four-wheel drive you know I wish it was a simple thing I’m pushing a button and that’s it it’s a lot more than that so you first you have to make sure your wheels are straight okay so you’re able to pull forward a few feet straight head yeah foot on the brake put it in the drive and now while you’re in Drive push the 4×4 button which is way in there pull forward a few feet put it in neutral hit the button again and then put it back and drive now weren’t four-wheel drive Wow Dennis did make it very complicated you will jump through these limbs of Hoops in order to live that forward properly now I know you can’t do it a slightly different way but for me it doesn’t work out then this always works this wayNew Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 the Ultimate Overlander

this is called pool Creek Road Nathan yep it goes to a bunch of campsites I think it’s the way that a lot of people would use this if they had the camper conversion sure sure hold on here well let’s take care of that yeah that’s approximate distance control and that should be all right now you can turn that off that’s great yeah tiny button though and what’s great about this van is that if there’s snow or if there’s let’s say some light rock crawling oh yeah yeah we’ve had an opportunity to drive these things off there before I mean granted it was a mercedes-benz course but it was fairly challenging and we know for a fact that over lenders love this man and of course we’ve got kind of the basic configuration right so we write an empty box and two rows of seeds but Outfitters turn these into really great RVs yeah yeah and with this type of four-wheel-drive system even though you are a little higher off the ground that from where you’re sitting altogether the driving experience isn’t that much different than driving the regular van is still tall

Reviewed: Is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 the Ultimate Overlander?

the Sprinter director competes with the Nissan NV the Ford Transit and of course the RAM Promaster but this 4×4 directly competes with nothing because it’s really the only van you can buy from the factory with four-wheel drive and that makes it special and that makes it in a lot of demand in fact I was in Amsterdam recently driving the new version of this if you want to check that video out click up here couple things from down here one these 16-inch wheels are surrounded by Vanko four seasons from continental their mud and snow tires and they’ve been ok so far now you may notice this it is a lift but it’s a body lift not a suspension lift so the body is actually lifted higher than the regular van to allow for larger tires that are articulation and overall a higher seating position crossing a creek like this this is when four-wheel drive is really good right right as all four wheels are gonna have you know the water is gonna want to push you and their loose rocks so this is you know this is when it’s pretty good

yeah what I love a lot the driving experience is this massive front windshield yep you’ve got this panoramic view of all of this natural beauty that’s slowly come drifting past you as you drive by and you have the confidence of knowing that if I’m actually in Colorado when the road gets worse you’ll be able to do that you know yeah it’ll tackle it because sometimes let’s face it front-wheel drive bands or rear-wheel drive bands aren’t enough why not Brodie that’s right and when you’re going through some really nasty sludge and snow which we have all over Colorado being able to engage four-wheel drive as a robust you know and this thing also has the other thing you need when you go off-roading torque right this diesel is really Turkey yeah yeah yeah there’s wood torque and as we showed on our loop this thing has pretty decent range should we pick that video now I think it’s a great idea hashtag van life it’s all about over landing right that’s right no overlining is about range yep let’s find out exactly what the fuel economy is with a little bit of weight that’s good this 2500 model has an optional hitch towing package with a 7 pin trailer connector and the rating on this is maximum of 5 000 pounds but there is no trailer brake control over the setup so you have to come up with your own solution on a 4 by 4 model the hitch it’s just about 16 inches off the ground which is very comparable to most pickup trucks

they call your mr. Van Daan Easter man this is hot knives for anything [Applause] yep we’re just in the process of finishing up on the second barrels in the over a thousand pounds worth the weight that I’m gonna have in here or I think about six German kegs give or take yeah we’re tying them down just making sure that they are you know stable we’re not you know expecting to go around a track at high speed but just for basic safety we have these things strapped in we have a bar right here to prevent them from sliding forward and then we have straps to prevent them from sliding laterally or towards the back you can check the oil level and your Sprinter van just by pushing this little button this printer has places for auxilary switches here on the left of the steering wheel mercedes says these are available for like an axillary heater ventilation or perhaps you can wire some other feature using this switches


deep down on the bowels of this big boy is a three liter diesel v6 turbo v6 turbo diesel v6 turbo diesel v6 that puts out 188 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque it sucked up to a five-speed automatic transmission and this has proper four-wheel drive so you can get all that power to all four wheels we have procedure right same procedure fill it up after it clicks once then we wait 30 seconds squeeze one more time until it clicks by the way if you’re looking for the deaf it’s actually under the hood the Deaf thing of course : and of course your air filter well it has a twenty four point five gallon tank so it’s all about the range when you’re going over landing so you know we can calculate that when we get back oh absolutely all right I’m actually really excited about this I have been dying to drive one of these things hell anywhere other than Germany okay I’m gonna zero everything out right here there goes oh yeah we’re at zeroes we’re in two-wheel drive because you need to get from one beautiful place to another right this is Colorado and sometimes you need to go on the highway why are we carrying a thousand pounds what we’re approximating what a basic load in this vehicle would be yeah we’re not going crazy with it because we thought about over landing and there would be space in here for a bed or for a rucksack maybe a little sink or something like that the point is that we didn’t want to load it up with absolute maximum weight weight but the representative but a representative exactly well shall we just set the cruise control at 70 and see how she does yeah it has this lovely little sticky his control

started life as a commercial man right yes and the starting price of this is about 41 a half thousand dollars for a cool event yeah now the four-wheel-drive wonder so the little beer graph okay yes but then you add formal dresses up from the factory 7 500 bucks okay that’s expensive but it’s from the factory yeah and that includes suspension and everything else you get with it yes and it’s lifted a bit all right then this man you see here has another eleven thousand dollars of options this includes cruise control leather seats safety systems like Lane keep assist blind spot mode white spot monitoring so you can keep adding and adding and adding allowing it likes dollars bad dishes up to sixty grand of desperate price of this thing so how’s it’s been handling the highway other than gusty winds kind of bumpin in a little it’s up to bet all the law it’s pretty good it’s smarter than I thought it would be and right as it is chopping and we’re back alright what is this thing now 17.5 mpg what 17.5 well usually goes down right where I ate kids it’s redundant if this matches what our calculations are tough averaged 67 miles per hour which is just about right yeah there is a camp for conversion basically on a sprinter chest yeah but that’s 200 I guess you’d immediately tell me okay it says to remove the nasal Tong in the nozzle here’s the liz’ll all right this is the moment of truth it sent 17 and a half, thirty more seconds, all right here we go that’s it final number is five point four one eight what’s the damage so rounding upwards 18.1 and once once so if you look at this and you look at the 17.5 the truck recorded those of us really impressive so many minutes can you do another calculation sure eighteen point one times twenty four and a half so you can go in theory about four hundred and forty miles so to be saved four hundred miles about four miles on a tank of fuel with a thousand pounds and a couple of buddies yeah or one buddy

keep in mind that this is a proper four-wheel drive it’s not an all-wheel drive big difference here is you can actually select to put it in full high and for low now it has open dips front and rear but it uses a traction control system to lock the tire that’s spinning and add more power to the tire that has grip here on this thing has really good articulation and I think we just maxed it out because I think yeah this is go sit in the driver’s seat all right watch what happens watch watch the tire yep maximum articulation maybe just a little bit off the ground that’s pretty good though I mean that’s a lot of twists remember the rear axle is a solid axle there’s a little bit of a sharp dip yeah you probably would want something that’s a little bit higher off the ground the tackle but let’s go try that and see how see how this van does alright here we go down this way down no problem let’s go up let’s see if it’s any harder going up a little articulation here yeah no problem it doesn’t care there’s a bigger one over here let’s try it yeah

Nathan we interrupt this comprehensive sprinter review with a good bet and weird mini review okay so I’ll do the good I hug you the bad and I’ll do the weird tryna alright here’s the bad ya des yeah so let’s start with the good the good is the windshield wipers and the squirty fluid that comes right on to the windshield one year squirting them instead of coming up Adam I know that’s not a big deal but it works well and it’s cool to see the wiper fluid just squirt right onto the windshield wipers and the wipers actually wipe stuff away why’d you go showing the band yeah go ahead with me guys, let’s say you’re at the worksite with a couple buddies well good luck with the cupholders because only one person is going to get the big one this one here can hold a big bill but that’s it because this one can barely hold a McDonald’s Cup you’re better off with a Red Bull cannon here this dad has something else that’s really good check it out it’s an optional first aid kit then these are great because when the bear comes and tears your head off there’s nothing more important than some Goths to stem the bleeding yes there are wipes in here Nathan how do you cry when your heads missing and Nathan do you agree that the weird has to be this camera uh yeah it’s a point straight down which is good if you’re backing up to a loading dock but it’s absolutely useless if you’re going backwards or running over a bearMercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 is cheaper

all right this looks like a little bit more of a challenge yeah this has some articulation to it it’s got a little bit of off camber that’s fairly loose in right there – yeah I’m just taking it straight out we’ll figure it out or forward momentum I think that’s a problem we don’t have locking bits right so that’s exactly and so what it does is it’s grabbing the wheel that spins there we go I figured it out stay on it a little bit of a challenge a little bit of a challenge now one of the reasons why we didn’t take this van up goldline hill yeah is that it’s just too tall and the trees come over and frankly we would hit a tree without a doubt there’s just no doubt whatsoever but any good off-road vehicle this is really an office an adventure office on wheels let me show you all the interesting features of this has allowing you to actually work and play offroad

so Nathan what have we learned first of all it’s a pretty expensive van and over $60 000 but it’s pretty good off-road it is and it’s pretty frugal and it has really good range yeah and best of all it’s the only van that will take you in the middle of nowhere to a really cool abandoned mine in Colorado yeah I love Colorado as always Roman and Nathan saying thanks for joining us for this TfL van or truck adventure and remember check out tearful truck now for we’re news news and real world reviews and fan reviews see you guys next time ciao it was a lot of iced tea that went through that poor guy and when you’re that old really got to pump it out quickly or else you’re inspecting the tree no I was just doing my bit help mitigate forest fire danger you know it’s so dry up here that every bit of moisture helps keep these trees from exploding in a fireball of flames and that’s what I did I just helped nature kids here’s our nature point for the week always pee on a tree well away from a river and you have a lot of coffee or iced tea this is the place to do it I guess company. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 the Ultimate Overlander

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