Silverado Duramax vs Cummins vs Power Stroke – MPG Challenge Review

Friday, July 6th 2018. | Car News

you by the way I’m really surprised but what the truth meter is saying, we got ourselves a brand new 2018 Chevy Silverado heavy duty with a big Duramax v8 diesel and I guess the question is how does it do on our MPG loop yes how does it stack up against the comments from RAM and powerstroke from Ford towing 12 500 pounds well stay tuned this is a torsion hitch from gen-y our partner and we’re using this hitch because we used it with the Ford f250 and also the RAM 2500 it cushions the load makes the ride a little bit nicer it’s good but it’s a little heavy we have the two and a half to two inch reducer for the hitch and that all I have to do is line up my holes for the pin and manufacturers do this with a larger hitch to carry more weight and hopefully yes heads up a doctor he has he does it’s like surgery
Silverado Duramax vs Cummins vs Power Stroke
now we have a cushioned hitch so we can make this test as even as possible whoa whoa I gotta exercise and add some weight to this trailer all right well why does it need a more weight because we want to have the exact same weight 12 500 pounds total trailer weight for all heavy-duty trucks with the single rear wheel see this these are the curls I do usually cool limit shows way each about 4045 I’m kind of weak

folks what you’re looking at here is a 6.6 liter Duramax that puts out 445 horsepower and 910 pound-feet of torque which it’s a lot it took tup to an allison 6-speed automatic transmission this vehicle is four wheel drive and frankly speaking this is one of the quietest engines in its class that I’ve ever heard so what numbers is the Duramax going up against well they Ford f-250 Power Stroke diesel did 10.0 mpg with this trailer on this loop and the RAM 2500 have Duty comments posted at ten point nine MPG results and I’m using the same procedure I’m gonna fill it up wait 30 seconds top off we’re gonna run 98 miles exactly on this loop on the flat highway or as flat as it gets in Colorado so can the Duramax beat the Cummins is it going to be between the two let’s find out

let me see trip meter reset tell hall mode enabled and break game check that six it seems to be working really well I’m ready to go there I just set the cruise control at 70 miles an hour we do all mpg challenge towing loops at 70 with tow haul mode enabled although it doesn’t do much and highway speeds like this it just the RPM is about what’s 17 thousand rpms this big diesel is just rumbling along but I do have to say this the main difference between the one-ton single rear wheel like this truck and a 3/4 ton like an f250 and the RAM 2500 is actually payload capability this truck has so much more payload this particular one is about 3500 pounds of max payload a 3/4 ton truck would be around 2 000 pounds for a fully loaded truck and this is a high country and a yeah I only see one wheel back there don’t see duals what’s the deal well it is a 3500 heavy duty Silverado but it’s comparable to the f250 Ford and the RAM 2500 with tested because they have very similar curb weights around 8 000 pounds apiece and the rear axle ratio on this truck is actually a 373 force head of 355 the RAM had a 410 and you guys keep asking us why don’t you test the same rear axle ratio on every truck and here is my answer manufactures spent so much time developing these trucks matching the engine transmission gearing rear axle tire sizes to the specific gear ratio so change in the gear ratio on this truck for us doesn’t make sense that’s the way they’re born, this quick trailering tip is brought to us by our partners CM trailers and we always check tire pressures especially when this trailer is loaded to the maximum weight for this particular unit at 12 500 pounds the rating on this heavy-duty trailer tire is 80 psi cold and we need to make sure we stay with those those parameters, it’s saying 13.9 and ram was the better truck in this live before at 10.9 so it’s true computer is anywhere close to correct I have a good chance of beating the best result with this Duramax

all righty let’s get the final results same flop procedure again is the gonna be better than ten point nine well there’s a chance of that happening Wow almost 8 gallons even okay let’s see what the final result is 98 divided by 8 point zero 1 well 12 point – how can this be that’s quite a lot better ever than ten point nine in the comments it’s a lot better than 10 in the fourth power stroke GM must have sprinkled some magic dust on this Duramax engine and this truck is a hole because it’s a really good result while towing 12 and a half thousand pounds at 70 miles an hour and this is why we do real-world testing because we can get some really surprising results go back to for my news fuse and real-world mpg challenge reviews

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