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Friday, July 6th 2018. | Toyota

Tacoma vs Tundra Compared – you I want you to imagine walking into a toyota dealership and you have two choices midsize full-sized Tacoma or Tundra we get this question so many times and how about we do three tests drag race acceleration yes maneuverability test how tightly can these trucks turn and let’s show them our off-road tests are towing tests and our efficiency test to decide which truck is best

boom check it out actual struts to lift the hood but the tundra comes with an option of two v8 engines and this is where the tundra shines under the hood of this limited model is a 5.7 liter v8 with 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque that’s a lot of torque and it’s backed up by a 6-speed automatic transmission you can also get a 4.6 liter v8 if you wanted to and that engine is rated at 310 horsepower so quite a bit less but 6-speed automatic is the only transmission available with both engines of course you can get this truck in a two wheel drive version or a 4×4 and in about four different trim configurationsNew Tacoma vs Tundra Compared Front End Photos

unfortunately this doesn’t have stress at the big tender but what it does have is a 3.5 liter directed injected v6 engine that puts out 278 horsepower and 265 pound feet of torque I know you thought it was the other way right me too it has the six-speed automatic transmission and it has an option for 6-speed manual transmission love that it also has four wheel drive which is of course an option you can also get a four-cylinder engine under the hood the winner is clear of course it’s the tundra – v8 engine options macho yeah yeah you have a point there but you know I think my trucks about a thousand pounds lighter give or take yeah why don’t we take it to the drag strip by the way I do have a Tundra badge on the mic hood what badge do you have a recommended oil badge, I don’t think there’s a way I can lose that it’s gonna matter Benny shut off the air conditioner I’ve got a 5.7 liter v8 macho never mind that well there we go a little bit lighter than he is she’s got a better start and I’m surprised that I’m still hit go away it was very close I was on your door basically one more time okay I feel better about everything, tires yeah I got the better start this time victorious I got a pretty crappy stuff but that was my fault really yeah the wheels like go a little bit and I got a great start yeah one more one more I think they’re really close too many Christmas yeah, I think I loaded it up too much just one more time, good stars with both really even start to be eight takes over just a little bit yeah.

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the color nine point six nine seconds yeah not a bad time for a mile above sea level not bad but the tundra 9.14 are you sure you’re not holding that upside down it’s fine it’s fine the v8 is quicker even though it’s heavy, let’s talk about payload and towing capability well maximum telling what the right configuration is six thousand eight hundred pounds you can hold up to one thousand six hundred and twenty pounds that’s interesting so you could carry a couple of jet skis sure kinda truck behind it the coma or a small camper or small boat yeah no problem but here’s a question can you actually reach inside of this bed but you mean like touch the bottom oh yeah this is the good thing about having a vehicle like this it’s easy to reach in and touch the bed I have no problem doing it I’m six one I have to actually lean into it it’s about 19 inches from rail to floor all right well it looks like the height of the bed is much higher than the continued reach all right my fingertips just so it’s a little bit harder that’s indicative of a full-size truck they’re physically larger the depth on this bed is about 20 to just over 22 inches that bed is about 19 inches deep maximum towing capability on the tundra is ten thousand two hundred pounds so quite a lot more yeah then on a Tacoma and maximum payload is actually not much higher seventeen hundred and ten pounds really yes hmm if your camper is much longer like over 20 feet long and much heavier the tundra is really the truck for you or even a big boat right yeah and we’ve taken both the Tacoma and the tundra on the I’d gauntlet the Tacoma for 58 points and the tundra scored 60 so yes there I counted proven as big an ungainly as some full-size trucks are I think the major benefit is just interior comfort and space in general yeah it is this very spacious interior there’s a lot of L room a lot of shoulder room fit finishes are not good well the tundra is actually showing a phage in a few areas for example this limited edition does not have electrically folding mirrors yeah does not have cooled seeds no doesn’t I still have no push-button start just two key but also those are things are some of the positives for some folk


every time I get into Tacoma I have to dump my head down and lift my butt up in a really kind of uncomfortable way and then when I’m sitting inside it’s never that comfortable Tacoma is a sales leader in its segment oh yeah and has been for years yep and it out sells the tundra to the one I mean it’s still got some hard plastics in certain places terribly oh yeah the top of the – in here but I think it’s more of a modern interior you know there’s a big giant screen in the middle and the buttons are actually fairly easy to get to I would never say this normally but the Toyota Tacoma is efficient compared to yours I get 18 miles per gallon city I get 22 miles per gallon highway and I got a combined 20 mpg the tundra unfortunately 13 city 17 highway 14 combined in a four-wheel-drive version and partly it’s because of the rear end 430 rear axle ratio in the tundra 391 in a Tacoma – coupe versions of both of these trucks on our MPG loop on the highway and tacoma one night – with a trailer at 8.4 MPGs, the good the bad and the weird for the Tacoma the good composite bed lots of storage and outlets as more storage inside the cab – which is pretty cool the bad the ECT power the electronically controlled transmission button not many people know what it is and frankly it doesn’t seem to do very much and then finally the weird there’s a GoPro mount inside the cab

now what about the good the bad and the weird about the tundra well it has a very unique good feature the rear glass the entire thing actually can power down and up I’ve used it on a boat launch ramp and it helps looking back and talking to the people behind you the bad I really don’t like to fake hood scoops and Toyota keeps doing this on most of their trucks no great and the weird part is underneath the rear seat there is actually no storage the floor is actually just raised what’s up with that just a few years back if you had a full-size truck and it didn’t open the case here even though you slept a rear solid the rear racks independent front suspension right and there’s the brake controller Bernie it’s a very useful feature of which Tacoma does actually have standard no I mean it’s part of its towing package another thing about the big difference between the two of those vehicles is that frankly this one has aside from having gobs of space it also has a much wider interior and you can really tell when I’m sitting next to my wife in the Tacoma and practically rubbing shoulders with her and that’s a major difference between midsize trucks they’re all narrow that’s the whole thing you know but this won’t fit in my garage I have an old garage the Tacoma will so that’s for me one of the many selling points of a small a truck Nathan and I are sitting in the back seat I am about six to that six one and I have limo quality of BEC seat legroom hip room and Headroom comfy yeah I mean obviously much bigger cabinets more comfortable cab much more contemporary cab well right off the bat do you see a problem I see I see it is pretty much as far back almost as far back as it’ll go six one so getting in a little bit more of a challenge there are no air conditioning vents back you either much more no not much more anything it’s it’s tight back here tight quarter notes both of these trucks are in limited trim however there are offer adverse ins of these trucks that we have taken off road and immediately I’m going to declare the winner the Tacoma and the reason why is the Tacoma has a TRD pro package that is available that makes it absolutely excellent off-road that smaller-sized makes a little bit more nimble off-road and frankly speaking it has more goodies unfortunately for 2018 the TRD pro package is no longer available for the tundra but let’s see which truck can turn in a smaller circle smaller circle that’s gonna be interesting both of these things turn like battleships here’s how we’re gonna do the curb to curb turning test Nathan is gonna go first and in Tacoma I mark the spots with the cones rocky starts and I’m gonna try to meet his circle in the tundra okay so this is a tacoma full circle.Tacoma vs Tundra Compared Rear Pic

I’m gonna see if I can complete the same turn in the tundra I’m not true from being able to now so I gotta trucks a notoriously poor at doing tight maneuvers and in this case you are really close really close well I’m within what’s one to four feet of you actually, the Tacoma starts in the 4-cylinder configuration at twenty-five thousand four hundred dollars before destination right the tundra on the other hand is starting at thirty one thousand three hundred so almost six thousand dollars more that’s right now as equipped mine comes in at around forty one five yep and finally the limited version of the tundra 4×4 forty nine thousand just over that so there is a big discrepancy in price and there’s also a big discrepancy in terms of options I have six different trim levels you don’t have anywhere near that I also have a six-speed manual option that’s have a four-cylinder option and you keep saying I I is that because you preferred it to coma oh yeah without a doubt really I actually will take the tundra you know I have a 6 000 pound boat that they usually tell right in although that the coma is ready to tell that much weight we never recommend pushing the truck to its limit right so the tundra is where it’s sad for me. Tacoma vs Tundra Compared

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