Toyota Tacoma vs Jeep Wrangler vs Pennsylvania Gulch Off-Road Detail Reviews

Friday, July 6th 2018. | Car Videos

Toyota Tacoma vs Jeep Wrangler vs Pennsylvania Gulch Off-Road Detail Reviews – hey guys we’re about to run a review we’ve got a start of a fire up there we’ve had a really long stretch of 90-degree weather here in the mountains and never like to see fire because they spread quickly and we’re in a relatively populated area so trying to get to our gold mine he’ll pass over to Pennsylvania Gulch but they’re closing the roads wrangler or tacoma that’s a classic question that a lot of you guys may have out there when it comes to off-roading which one is better now on the surface these two may not seem like they have much in common but you’ll be surprised just how similar these two are wait a minute this does not seem fair your Jeep is modified it’s lifted it’s got bumpers as a winch and then suspension and tires this tacomas a TRD off-road which is kind of mid-range I’ll fro Tacoma because it is the pro above it and I’ve got the sport which is also mid-range cuz there’s a Rubicon above it now yeah this cheap from the factory cost $32 000 but when you add all the goodies it adds about another $10 000 so I’m at about $42 000 how much is that truck cost just over 41 thousand dollars here which is about the same
Toyota Tacoma vs Jeep Wrangler vs Pennsylvania Gulch Off-Road
besides airing down I’ve also got Teraflex Falcon shocks which I can adjust to either firm or soft not going offroad I want it soft so I get a better ride and a little bit more control

hunger before we get to the gulch let me show you the advantage of having a short wheelbase there’s a really steep and rocky downhill over there yeah and with the Jeep I’m gonna go for it I wouldn’t do it with this because it’s a long wheel no scrape will drag the bottom but that has as this does all kinds of under body protection so I’m feeling pretty confident even if I do scrape sorry Tommy it’s still a very challenging pill so I’m gonna guide Roman down

control needed just your foot huh just my foot actually I like that better but you’ve got hell to send control in that bed I do I have crawl control too yeah you should try and we’ll get them go the biggest advantage I have is right here these Firestone destination MT – look at these big old nabis air these things down I’m gonna have so much grip this Jeep will be unstoppable the Tacoma has Goodyear Wrangler with Kevlar that makes me feel a little bit better because the sidewall should be stronger than some of the other tires what makes me a little bit concerned because I don’t have a lot of clearance in the tread and that may be an issue but because it’s so dry I think I can go anywhere basically

now we got a chocolate that just left to get some water with a bucket so interesting we’re you know I tip out be two miles from the fire I’m not seeing any smoke or flames the second I see any smoke we’re out of here [Applause] wild mountain fires are no joke look blue sky right there over here who are the fire risk completely gray completely different atmosphere thanks guys appreciate it well that was a fire department saying if the fire is over the ridge but it’s heading this way they’ve got a helicopter working it a spotter plane and a small tanker they said it’s three acres they think they can contain it it’s not too bad yet but Pennsylvania Gulch is probably about five miles away from here so Andre let’s get the heck out of here now huh yeah yeah let’s go

Truck Review

yeah I’m gonna go first okay and then when we get to the hard parts I’m gonna spot you because I think with the shorter wheelbase that’s gonna be a little bit easier to get through the rough stuff

well Andre that’s the dirt road part of the gulch but now we get to the beat interesting and the fun part and last time you guys were here you had a bit of a misadventure so let’s not repeat that no damage yet let’s just take it as slow as possible as fast as necessary pick our line and show what these two vehicles could do I think they’re both capable it’s super narrow yeah that’s the thing if you have a full-size truck like an f-150 each one gone on this trail because it’s just too narrow I’ll go first I’ll show you the line and then you follow me okay you’re gonna use crawl control yeah hell yeah I’ve got a lot of goodies yeah I’m fine I use them by the way guys a common mistake that newbies make is they wait until they get stuck until they do things like lock the rear diff lock em if you gottem boys you gotta use all of your tools low range lockers anything you have including chrome control you want to start using it okay going it’s neutral to go into for low I can’t lock them up my jocks are in there most off-road worthy mode and I’m ready to head up now I think of course the Jeep and a pickup don’t necessarily compete because a pickup is a work tool jeep is a convertible kind of fun plaything but it doesn’t mean that people don’t crash of it push the here in Colorado I do have a front skid plate so I have a little bit of underbody protection in this TRD off-road how does this differ from the TRD pro first of all you have different shocks the Sharks are Bilstein on the TRD off road here and of course our Fox shocks crow Junipero is also a little bit taller and a little bit of a lift and there’s a little bit more on their body protection as well give you years on Aundre nice and easy crawl over it for me I’m almost better in second gear I would say you know stays far right as possible but not too far right because you could tear your teflon tire did you just call me teflon oh man oh sorry I meant Kevlar tire

the other obstacle was okay no problem let’s check the clearance yes this is not very scientific but it will give us a good measure of the front ground clearance so let me measure the Tacoma and also the Wrangler the clearance of the front skid plate on the Tacoma is about 11 inches the clearance to the front differential cover on the Jeep or the front pumpkin it’s about eleven and a half inches which is actually very close to the clearance on the Tacoma but the jeep has so much more approach and departure and breakover angle because it’s a short wheelbase I’m a little concerned about how the coments gonna do Andriy an obvious difference between these two is that you have a bed which gives you a lot more utility mm-hmm but for going offroad you probably want a shorter wheelbase let’s see how long your wheelbase is compared to the two-door Wrangler okay 129 inches dude and Leasing you want a shorter wheelbase is because a break over angle yeah you don’t want this teeter-totter effect where you get caught on something in the middle in the middle let’s check out the how much you think Andre what he gets a hundred ninety six oh yeah that’s a big difference dude this is where the boys turned around last time

this Jeep is just a mountain goat really happy here looks like it’s burning its people specials working tires are working this is what it’s all about all right so how was this section it’s a little tricky you know your cross control I’d look do all the work and I just steer pick along here picket line I mean Kevlar Teflon really you are tired

okay so d hear all the noise that’s the traction control system using the ABS anti-lock brake system and traction control system and sensing wheel spin at every corner at each corner easy peasy lemon squeezy you know that crawl control sounds like you got an entire percussion section you know that was probably like a three or four these are getting harder alright guys here’s a little POV point of view both hands on the wheels you probably don’t need to keep your thumbs up anymore today because well I probably won’t kick back on you but it’s always a good idea to do that at the suspension and the Jeep do all the work this is a lot of fun actually I’m really enjoying myself it’s really cool to see what the machine like this can do it for those of you guys who never Wrangler and have actually use it like this I’m gonna go and say come on out here to Colorado water’s great and the off-roading is even better the only challenge I have here is I have a long hood in front of me my visibility is a little bit limited okay I did it yes slow and easy does it I’m just using my foot no crawl control right now even though I could use girl control really well first again and then when I stop really hot course it’s hot we interrupt this review for a quick word from TfL I’m gonna be at this year’s FJ summit so if you guys want to do a meet-and-greet or if you have a Tilda you want to show off on our channel shoot us an email at ask at TfL truck and maybe we can feature you in Andrew what are you talking about dude I’m talking about TfL off-road a brand new channel at Stephen Elmer is gonna be running it’s all about power sports ATVs side-by-sides wave runners jet skis slides sleds you name it click on either or below because we’d love to have you subscribe and check out some really cool power sport you know what I’m gonna have to review my motorcycle you know we should take some side-by-sides on this trail we should all that’s coming to TfL offroad and more alright guys here comes a harder part this is where the Jeep really shines good to use all the off-road bits flipo a little rocky a little loose it helps it camera doesn’t hit you in the side of the head , one more a little bit more at the top, whoo Legendre does you might be saying wait a minute the ring there’s a lot more fun it’s a convertible top well for $41 000 I can also let the Sun Shine in there’s a tree right there there’s a giant rock I don’t want to damage the middle okay it’s always good to have a buddy spotting you keep coming keep coming okay so I’m a min objections not a problem these tires are doing great what is the problem is clearance the giant rock giant fraud I just sunk into it Oh no Nathan style go neither style okay ,let’s go all right let’s face this up, Andre this part separates the Jeep from the taco taco wait I’m getting hungry actually this is where it gets tricky so it’s always a good idea to walk the hardest part kind of figure out what our line is so that we don’t you know break anything well see what they found here somebody already broke something yeah that’s somebody’s light so let’s go up and take a look so Andre we’ve got a kind of a biggest rock here and another biggest rock here you could probably drive over this but I would say go to the right of this one and then you can put your wheel to the left of this one now I have liked both of them but the real tricky part is right up there you can see where it gets well there’s no real way to go through there that’s the route yeah that’s the route I was talking about let’s go up there and regular hey Andrew you know how we have the razor bend yes this big-ass root that’s right in the way let’s call it the root canal through the root canal because if you go this way you’re gonna go right into that root with your tire so I think you’re gonna have to go way left put the truck and a pretty precarious angle straddle the root canal yes I’m going over it and once you’re up there we’re kind of home free this is the fun bit here we go in Iraq coming up to the root canal so far so good

that’s what you want solid axles this part is scary not because of difficulty really it’s because of potential damage I’m approaching the root canal they’re really good getting sideways Oh okay that was the first route and I’m approaching the root canal and then now I’m gonna be sideways the other way really Roman is spotting me so it’s easier I’m I’m on the side I’m on the side I’m on the side I’m on this side I’m on this side and this is the root canal this is a little more okay whoa that’s just like a root canal you know what that root canal listen to all that painful but here’s what happens when you get it wrong apparently things break we didn’t we got it right Andre nice work good work that was a bit of a pucker moment huh moment it was all me with my feet

there is a reason that the coma is the best seller in its segment you just can’t do off-roading reliably and very capably he’s saying that it’s as good as a jeep Andre that’s what I’m saying cuz I didn’t really scrape you know what the Jeep just eats the stuff alive right a lifted Jeep with big-ass tires and aftermarket suspension and shocks I mean the thing didn’t break a sweat so I’m really surprised how well the taco did I’m really surprised how well you did I’m glad that we weren’t fleeing a fire and I’m glad that I didn’t damage anything I’m glad that you popped your Pennsylvania Gulch Sheriff as the Holies guys thank you very much for watching remember check out TfL truck comm from our news views and of course real world forest fire Pennsylvania Gulch taco vs. Jeep reviews so for were your money Andre which phones you by truck all day long because the utility man I like utility and towing trailers and some off-road ability you know what I buy what the jeep truck it’s aa best of both worlds I’m hoping see you guys ciao I’m sure I could have felt like the Jeep didn’t care but the Toyota cared a little bit well I think it comes down to the tire choice and the length of the Tacoma truck I mean I had a little bit more trouble negotiating those rocks yeah there’s nothing better than a short wheelbase at least when you’re not climbing too steep of a hill and those massive wheels and tires you know you come upon an obstacle and that big wheel just kind of rolls over it whereas you got to kind of work your way up and yeah I have to use my throttle yeah puzzles nabis just bite and grab so I think at the end of the day they’re both really good but it’s really about tires it is. Toyota Tacoma vs Jeep Wrangler vs Pennsylvania Gulch Off-Road

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